The Most Comprehensive Child Support Fugitive Recovery System... Ever!

Bounty Alert has Partnered with Project Child Support to Provide Project Child Support, Which is the Most Comprehensive Private Child Support Collection Initiative... Ever!

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Free Collection Services for New York and New Jersey Custodial Parents

Project Child Support is currently providing the services of its Collection Program to New York City and New Jersey at no cost to the first 1000 custodial parents owed unpaid child support.  To receive the Collection Program at no upfront cost, custodial parents must be currently receiving state assistance; such as welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability, or live in public housing.


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Project Child Support Services


Investigative Services -  Bounty Alert's Investigative Services are provided for Project Child Support to determine a noncustodial parent's address, income assets, employers, corporate affiliations, arrest record, and traffic stops.


Legal Services -  Project Child Support provides legal services to assist custodial parents in obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order, to require a noncustodial parent to pay their arrears, or receive child support enforcement actions, such as seizures, levies, and garnishments.


Collection Services -  Bounty Alert's collection services are contracted through an attorney based collection agency to collect child support arrears and all fees related to the collection of child support.

Child Support Collections

Apprehension Services -  Bounty Alert's Apprehension Services are provided with the assistance of 43 fugitive recovery agencies to hunt down and apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants, throughout the United States of America and it territories.

    Project Child Support

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Child Support Programs ... for Custodial and Noncustodial Parents

Created to Reduce the More than 25 Million Parents Owed Child Support, and the More than $110 Billion Owed in Child Support Arrears in America.

Review the Important Statistics About Child Support in America

Bounty Alert provides services for Custodial Support Foundation.  Our services are unlike any other child support assistance agency.  We provide the maximum services and benefits available to help parents receive the child support their children deserve.

Our Collection, Seizure, Liquidation and Apprehension Program - Bounty Alert provides custodial parents with the services to receive child support from nonpaying noncustodial parents by identifying, locating, seizing and liquidating their assets, in addition to providing fugitive recovery agents to apprehend noncustodial parents with child support warrants. 

Legal Assistance Programs - Bounty Alert provides legal assistance programs that enable custodial parents to personally represent themselves, or have an attorney file the necessary court documents and make the court appearance to seize and liquidate noncustodial parents assets to collect child support.

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