Bounty Alert's Project Child Support Programs

The Collection Program

For Custodial Parents Owed Arrears


Project Child Support provides a Collection Program to assist custodial parents in obtaining a Child Support Enforcement Order, to seize and liquidate the assets of nonpaying noncustodial parents to pay their arrears. The Collection Program provides investigative services, legal assistance, seizures, liquidations, and apprehension services to effectively collect unpaid child support.

Obtain a Child Support Enforcement Order to Collect Your Arrears

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Our collection agency has a 91% success rate for accounts with enforcement orders, and an 84% success rate for accounts with judgments.

The Collection Program is the most comprehensive and affordable service, which enables custodial parents to seize and liquidate noncustodial parents' assets to pay their child support arrears.

The Filing Program

For Custodial Parents Without Child Support Orders

Project Child Support provides a free Filing Assistance Service and Filing Investigative Service to assist custodial parents with obtaining a Child Support Order, through their regional Office of Child Support Enforcement. Filing services available:

● Free Filing Assistance Service

Filing Investigative Service Assistance

Don't Deprive Your Children of the Support they Deserve

This program provides custodial parents with the instructions, and location to file for child support within the custodial parent's jurisdiction, with the assistance of a 24-hour call center.

Project Child Support's Free Filing Assistance Program was designed to assist the more than 25 million custodial parents owed child support, but have not filed to receive a child support order through the Office of Child Support Enforcement within their jurisdiction.

The Amnesty Program

For Noncustodial Parents Who Owe Arrears

In addition to providing services for custodial parents, it is important to provide services to assist noncustodial parents, to help them provide support for their children.

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Project Child Support provides an Amnesty Program for noncustodial parents who owe child support arrears, have arrest warrant for unpaid arrears, revoked driver's licenses, revoked passports and income tax levies.


Additional services such as job search and credit repair services are available for noncustodial parents.


The Amnesty Program provides legal and collection services to enable noncustodial parents to establish settlement agreements to pay their arrears, suspend their arrest warrants, restore their licenses, restore their passports and stop income tax levies for the nonpayment of child support. 

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